Tom’s Donuts sets the Guinness World Record with over 8500 freshly made donuts in 8 hours

According to a new Guinness World Record, Tom’s Donuts Original, the 53-year-old donut shop in Angola, Indiana, made and sold 8,558 donuts in 8 hours – more than any other donut shop in history.

It is official! According to a new Guinness World Record Tom’s Donuts Original, the famous, popular 53-year-old donut shop in Angola, Indiana, made and sold 8,558 donuts in 8 hours – more than any other donut shop in history. It is now affectionately referred to as “The Donut Capital of the World”.

Tom’s donuts

Death Saylor, the owner of Tom’s Donuts and author of the books The Brand and the attitude disorder Wired Differently, marketed his small business into a rising household name and is now officially known as The Donut Capital of the World. “We believed it, we said it, then we did it,” says Saylor. “It’s more than a donut here – it’s our joy, our place, our generational tradition – our source of unique pride that can’t be matched or replicated anywhere else in the world.” There is something very special here.”

Saylor built his business on a simple idea: everyone loves donuts. He didn’t just want to sell donuts; He wanted to create a traditional experience.

Saylor is also a passionate speaker and teacher who has given presentations in many cities across the country on being “wired differently” and making massive gains by staying true to yourself and living with a clear sense of purpose.

Tom’s Donuts broke the Guinness World Record for most donuts sold in one day, selling 8,558 donuts on Saturday, May 28, 2022 at a northwest Indiana location. To ensure their accuracy, Mike Marcotte of Guinness World Records was on hand to count each and every donut sold by Tom’s Donuts team.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers not only amazing donuts, but an experience they’ll never forget,” said Shane Saylor, partner and brother of Todd Saylor.

With the help of 50 employees and thousands of visitors from across the country, Saylor led a campaign to make Angola Lake James the donut capital of the world.

Family owned Tom's Donuts in Indiana
Family owned Tom’s Donuts in Indiana

Tom Saylor, the facility’s founder in 1970 and father of sons Todd and Shane Saylor, stated, “We want everyone who comes to this event to understand that they are part of our historical community record. They are the true record, and history.” Tom Saylor turns 80 this July.

The first customer arrived at 3:50 a.m., and by 4:15 a.m. several hundred had already gathered. By 8:30 a.m., the crowd knew they were part of something record-breaking. As more and more people turned up to buy donuts from the store, some even came from Detroit, Chicago, and Kentucky.

“The day was a huge success,” says Heather David, operations manager and advocate behind it all Wired differently Brands owned by Saylor. “It brought together the people and smiles of Angola and its surroundings to celebrate what makes this area so special.”

Thousands of people left excited and satisfied, thanks to the hard work of the Tom’s Donuts staff, who kept up throughout the day with the never-ending demand for fresh donuts, and the volunteers who helped make things run smoothly before the day ended.

Tom's Donuts - Angola, Indiana
Tom’s Donuts – Angola, Indiana

The esteemed Tom’s Donuts, family-owned in Indiana, ended the day with a massive rock concert featuring rock house and fireworks to celebrate record night. We were also allowed to be part of this extraordinary day. Turns out everything you’ve heard about Tom’s Donuts is true. People went crazy for the hot donuts; the service was impeccable; and there was so much camaraderie among customers and employees alike.

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