Solas Energy

Solas Energy is a company that has been working with wind, solar storage for energy and other renewable technologies for over twenty years. In addition to project development, Solas provides services related to business strategy, climate change, and corporate sustainability. The firm is well-known in the United States and Canada.

Since its beginning in the early 1990s, the business has been involved with utility-scale renewable energy projects. Its services include owner’s construction management, environmental compliance and due diligence for economic modeling and permitting.

Solas recently completed a Missouri two-gigawatt (GW), wind farm. This project required extensive safety and health protocols to be implemented. In this time Solas was also active in the development of regulations for solar panel radiation near airports.

The Edwards and Sanborn project in California will supply the solar power of 760 megawatts and 2,445 megawatt hours of battery storage. This project will generate clean energy for over 158,000 homes and is among the most important integrated solar powered storage projects in the world. The project will also reduce carbon emissions by 307,000 tonnes per year.

Solas is expanding its services into new areas, including hydrogen energy, island grids, and electric infrastructure for vehicles. While the main clients are owners of utility scales Solas also offers consultancy services to other businesses municipal entities, as well as real estate developers.

The company’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the electricity sector is among its top strengths. This knowledge has been vital in assessing the position of the market in Alberta for renewable energy. As a result, the company has been awarded several awards, including Clean50 Top Project of the Year, a national recognition of the best sustainability-oriented projects in the U.S. and Canada.

One of the projects Solas is currently working on is the Edwards and Sanborn project in Kern County, California. The company is currently working with developers of this project, which is expected be the largest solar-powered integrated storage project in the world. They are planning to start the first phase in August 2021. They will then bring the third and second phases online in 2022.

Another project Solas is involved in is the 104-MW wind power project near Hebron, North Dakota. Solas was awarded a contract to provide construction management services for the project in September 2021.

The company has performed thorough due diligence on every aspect of the project’s development. This includes a resource analysis and the environmental impact report. Due to the complexity of the project, it was essential to perform a thorough review of the project’s technical specifications and engineering. The firm also assisted with the project’s constraints analysis, as well as financial analysis.

Another project Solas is involved in is the creation of an educational program called People for Energy and Environmental Literacy. The program is designed to help people understand the importance of renewable, clean energy. The organization assists in the development and implement climate literacy programs.

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